SunPlugged is Boston's only solar powered electric  boat.

Why not come and experience Boston Harbor the clean, green, quiet way. SunPlugged is completely silent and because it uses no gasoline, diesel fuel, or oil, there are no fumes or smoke of any kind.

SunPlugged is available Wednesday through Sunday
, from May until mid October.


Come take a quick, quiet trip on Boston's Fort Point Channel. It is the least expensive boat ride in Boston Harbor.

Children from ages 2 to 6 are invited with a parent or guardian to experience a Boston Harbor "sponge fishing" expedition. If all instructions are followed, we guarantee you will "catch" a sponge.


Sponge fishing for one child costs $18. Up to three people can accompany a fishing child for no additional cost. Your child will leave with their new sponge in a clear plastic bag with water, and a coloring handout.

SunPlugged can also be chartered for private sunset tours for

$139 dollars per hour.

SunPlugged has indoor and outdoor seating for six.

For information or to schedule a

tour, call SunPlugged at


SunPlugged is propelled by aTorqeedo electric motor which has 220lbs of thrust.

The electric motor is powered by 16 6 volt deep

cycle marine batteries.

The batteries are charged by 4 200 watt

solar panels located on the roof of the boat.

SunPlugged also has the ability to plug into

electricity at the dock for extra run time.

Sun Plugged

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