Here are some before and after pictures of Boston's only solar powered boat.

Her former life as an abandoned houseboat.

SunPlugged started out as a mini houseboat powered by a Ford gasoline engine.

Paint, wash, and repeat.

We removed everything from the inside and outside of the boat. The Ford engine was replaced with a Torqeedo electric motor. The flybridge on the roof was replaced with 800 watts of solar panels. Inside the old engine compartment sits 16 6 volt batteries.

Half way there.

Once the solar panels were installed and the bottom was pressure washed and painted, she started to look pretty good.

New interior

With all her green carpeting and wood paneling removed, she's not a bad looking little boat.

Reporting for duty.

Sunplugged is now available for harbor tours and private charters in and around Boston.

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Sun Plugged

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