Bring your little ones out for a "sponge fishing" expedition on SunPlugged. After donning a Coast Guard approved life jacket, your child will "bait" our specially made sponge fishing pole with our patented "plankton" capsule. The Captain will troll the waters of Fort Point Channel until he is certain your child has "caught" a sponge. All children are guaranteed to "catch" a sponge and will leave the boat with their new sponge safely enclosed in a plastic bag with just a few drops of water to keep it happy. Each child will also receive a coloring handout so they can color their own solar powered boat and design their own sponge.

First Mate Nicholas demonstrates the finer points of "sponge fishing" on SunPlugged.

If you follow the Captain's directions you are guaranteed to "catch" a sponge.

Sun Plugged

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